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Alternative Fuels

Benefits of Alternative Fuels

The world's fuel markets are based predominantly on fossil fuels. Only recently alternative fuels have started to enter the market. Alternative fuels are becoming more and more economical as new technologies are being developed to use these fuels and to make them readily affordable.

BioDiesel FuelsBioDiverse Energies is evaluating several non-petroleum based alternative fuels which are derived from carbon based products, industrial waste, municipal waste, and biomass. BDE provides engineering, environmental, and governmental services for the inventors of these technologies. We are dedicated to finding alternative fuels, which are economical for industry and commercial applications.

Some of the technologies or alternative fuels under investigation by BDE are based on combinations of charcoal, limestone, lime, wood, sawdust, calcium carbide, animal waste, and water. BDE has found that one of the keys to these non-petroleum based alternative fuels is biomass thermal conversion processes and technologies. Under development are a variety of gaseous and liquid biofuels which are clean burning, efficient, and non-harmful to the environment. The thermal conversion technologies are either pyrolysis, gasification, or a combination of these two technologies.

Promising Technologies

  • SRADCO LLC has developed a three-stage gasification process for biomass thermal conversion.
  • AFuels Technologies, LLC is promoting GoTec's acetylene and alcohol fueled combustion engines.