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About BioDiverse Energies, LLC

Introduction to BioDiverse Energies, LLC (BDE)

BioDiverse Energies, LLC (BDE), is founded on the core belief that industry objectives do not have to be at odds with environmental responsibilities. In fact, we believe that through a sound environmental strategy, industry and its associated economy can flourish. BDE embraces the application of an honest and objective assessment of our clients' energy and environmental needs, followed by a sound application of technology to achieve the identified project objectives. We provide tools, services, technologies, and techniques to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective, solution-based remediation strategy to address the identified energy or environmental issues facing each client.


BioDiverse Energies, LLC is a full service company specializing in the integration of services and technologies designed to meet our clients environmental and energy requirements. We offer a complete environmental consulting portfolio, as well as a staff experienced in the design and construction management of commercial, regional and community-based distributive or grid-based power generation systems and facilities that utilize conventional fuel sources or apply regional biomass and waste-to-energy resources to a community-based, decentralized energy strategy for power generation.

Utilizing BDE's regional energy strategies, which focus on the utilization of regional biomass and waste-to-energy resources such as agricultural and animal waste, landfill refuge, industrial and medical waste and used tires as feedstock for power generation, we will assess and consult in the development of a local or regional economic development strategy centered on biobased products resulting from the application of biomass resources for power generation.

In addition to a complete energy portfolio, we offer a full spectrum of environmental services. Whether a clients' environmental need involves the compliance with domestic or international regulatory requirements, the development of a comprehensive "Environmental Risk Assessment" within the realm of prevention, or a response based "Emergency Action Plan" or a "Remediation Action Plan," BDE stands ready. BioDiverse Energies, LLC has the experience to work within any environment, domestic or international. Whether the clients' need is that of a third-party assessment, or the overall management of a complex project, BDE has the expertise and drive to get the job done.

Through the many partnerships and associations that BioDiverse Energies has made through many years of service, we have developed a network of energy and environmental professionals, ready to help meet any challenge.