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Environmental and Energy Consulting for the Charcoal Industry

BioDiverse Energies is under contract and currently providing environmental and energy consulting services for the charcoal industry in Missouri and Arkansas. We are currently conducting energy consumption studies and environmental regulation review and permitting for these clients. Our goal is to provide knowledge in order to create a cleaner environment and an energy-sustainable charcoal industry.

Geothermal Heat Pump Services

In March, BioDiverse Energies will begin providing geothermal design services for it clients. Mr. David Seidel P.E., current President of BioDiverse Energies, is preparing to become a geothermal certified designer through IGSHPA. Mr. Seidel has ground source heat pump design experience stretching back as far as the early 1980s when he designed over a dozen commercial ground source heat pump systems.

Holliday Investments Turkey Litter-to-Energy Project

BioDiverse Energies has begun work on a turkey litter-to-energy project for Holliday Investments of Boonville, MO. The project will consist of performing services to reduce or completely eliminate the electrical and propane usage at the turkey houses.