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Diverse and Marketable Research and Development Projects

BioDiverse Energies is continuing its research and development of diverse renewable energy technologies with the goal of creating marketable energy systems and bio-based products. We are developing assessment and evaluation protocols for new product and technological opportunities, as well as applications for present strategic partners.

Some of the research and development projects that we are currently working on involve nanocarbon manufacturing, biomass thermal conversion, geothermal heat pump systems, wind and solar energy design and storage, watergas energy, and hydroenergy conversion.

BDE's President, David Seidel P.E., has consulted in the development and patenting of an oil and grease water filtration system that is currently in operation in the country of Kazakhstan. ·He has received a U.S. patent for a three-phase pyrolysis gasification system (SRADCO Gasifier) that utilizes biomass and various waste-to-energy fuel streams, including waste streams from landfill facilities, agriculture, and animal and industrial waste.

Additionally, our staff is engaged in providing design services for AFuels Technologies, LLC and Go-Tec·Technologies, Inc., Go-Tec Technologies, Inc., to develop and demonstrate an acetylene gas (C2H2) and alcohol technology for application within a spark or compression internal combustion engine. This technology, patented by Go-Tec Technologies, Inc., has demonstrated an increased efficiency for the internal combustion engine, and has proven to be a clean burning fuel alternative for power generation and the transportation sectors.