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Completed Projects

The following are featured projects that BioDiverse Energies has completed. Note that for brevity's sake, we are unable to post all of our projects, but we will do our best to highlight as many as possible.

Renewable Carbon Energies

BioDiverse Energies is one of four members which own Renewable Carbon Energies, LLC. Renewable Carbon Energies (RCE) was commissioned to re-establish a vital charcoal manufacturing facility for the Raymondville/Houston, Missouri area. This facility was the former Thomason Charcoal mill which was one of the leading employers in the area. As part of the ownership, BioDiverse Energies (BDE) was to provide the engineering expertise to modify and modernize the charcoal operations. BDE designed the PLC control system for the two afterburner units and the kiln/afterburner visual and audible response system which no other charcoal mill has. BDE designed the picker conveying, screening, and bagging operations with dust control systems. RCE's vision was to convert this wood waste to charcoal facility into an advanced carbon products with self sustainable and sellable heat and power.

After completing seven months of new construction and eight months of operation, RCE sold the facility to Packaging Service Company (PSC). Now, BDE is working directly with PSC to provide energy and environmental services.

City of Fayette, County of Howard, Missouri – Biomass Feasibility Study

Mr. David Seidel, the founder of SRADCO, LLC, and now a principal and an essential element of BioDiverse Energies, LLC, completed a feasibility study/resource assessment for the design and construction of a 10-Megawatt biomass facility in Fayette, Missouri. This study identified renewable and sustainable biomass resources within a 50-mile radius of this community, resources capable of sustaining a power generation facility twenty times the size of this projected project. The estimated cost of this power generation project is between $7.7 to $8 million dollars. BDE continues its effort to assist the city of Fayette with the identification of funding mechanisms to bring this project to fruition.

For the purpose of demonstrating the viability of biomass as a renewable and sustainable feedstock for distributive power generation (DG), BDE will utilize a recently completed “feasibility study” conducted on behalf of the City of Fayette, Missouri and the Howard County Missouri-Economic Development Advisory Board.

Life Cycle Assessment

A life cycle assessment is a comprehensive accounting of a product's flow to and from the environment. The assessment includes: an examination of the air pollution emissions; greenhouse gases; energy resources; other primary resources extracted from the environment; and a comparison of options. The assessment is defined as a “cradle-to-grave” process analysis, which identifies the positive and negative energy and environmental impacts on the communities around the facility.