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BioDiverse Energies, LLC (BDE)

BioDiverse Energies, LLC (BDE) is a full service renewable energy and environmental consulting company specializing in the integration of new innovation energy services and technologies with applications designed to meet our clients' environmental and energy requirements. We offer a complete environmental consulting portfolio, as well as a staff experienced in the design and construction management of commercial, regional and community-based distributive or grid-based power generation systems and facilities that utilize conventional fuel sources or apply regional biomass and waste-to-energy resources to a community-based, decentralized energy strategy for power generation.

We offer professional consulting services which include the fields of conventional and advanced energy efficiency techniques, renewable energy technology (solar energy, wind energy, biomass conversion energy, and hydroenergy), geothermal heat pump systems, waste-to-energy systems, and environmental engineering in air, water, and soil.

BioDiverse Energies, LLC's Vision

BioDiverse Energies, LLC's vision is to assist in the revitalization of industries and communities through the implementation of strategic advanced renewable energy technologies. BDE's role is to provide comprehensive environmental and engineering service using our renewable energy and environmental solutions. BDE is committed to providing services to find clean, efficient, renewable, and above all, sustainable technologies for every application. A vision focused on the independence and security of decentralized power generation while stimulating local economic growth—all of which are focused on a cleaner tomorrow.

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