Designed to Clean the World

Vision, Mission and Strategy

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Our Vision

BioDiverse Energies' vision is to assist in the revitalization of industries and communities through the implementation of strategic advanced renewable energy technologies. BDE's role is to provide comprehensive environmental and engineering service using our renewable energy and environmental solutions. BDE is committed to providing services to find clean, efficient, renewable, and above all, sustainable technologies for every application. A vision focused on the independence and security of decentralized power generation while stimulating local economic growth—all of which are focused on a cleaner tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our clients with an honest and objective assessment of their overall environmental and energy needs and concerns. BioDiverse Energies, LLC is a solution-based organization that places the needs of each client as our greatest priority. Whether the solution involves the identification and remediation of existing environmental issues, or the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy strategy, BDE stands ready.

The service strategy of BDE is based upon the following seven-step plan:

  1. Develop an in-depth client profile.
  2. Preliminary identification of clients energy/environmental needs.
  3. Negotiation of a "Professional Services Agreement" that matches BDE services with the identified needs of the client.
  4. Conduct a comprehensive "Needs Assessment" designed to identify specific environmental/energy issues and solutions.
  5. Present our client with a full report outlining the findings of BDE's comprehensive "Needs Assessment." This report will identify needs, identify solutions and outline a complete "Action Plan" based on our clients' energy/environmental requirements.
  6. Implementation of a client approved energy/environmental " Action Plan."
  7. Client presentation of a detailed "After Action" follow-up report outlining the implementation and application of BDE services, systems and technologies.