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Environmental Services

Environmental Management

Air, Water, and Soil Quality and Pollution Engineering

The Environmental Management function of BioDiverse Energies, LLC, is divided into three distinct services. Each service can be a stand-alone function of BDE or incorporated into a comprehensive environmental “Action Plan” involving multiple services. The three categories of service involving environmental pollution and associated issues are Regulatory, Prevention and Response. Descriptions of these areas of service are listed below:


  • Environmental Rule-making NegotiationsEnvironmental
  • Environmental Regulation Issuance and Amendment Consultant
  • New Pollution Control Technology and Best Practices Development
  • Predictive Environment and Economic Impacts


  • Environmental Risk Assessment & Management
  • Environmental Computer Dispersion Modeling
  • Toxic and Accidental Release Planning
  • Predictive Environment Impact Analysis
  • Soil Remediation Planning and Operations Management
  • Solid and Liquid Contaminants Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Planning
  • Development of a “Remediation Action Plan”
  • Water Pollution Prevention Planning
  • Environmental Management Training Courses


  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Coordination & Management of Remediation Response
  • Soil Remediation Program Management
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Remediation / Recovery
  • Pollution Sampling, Testing and Monitoring Systems Management
  • Follow-up Consequence Management, Monitoring and Reporting

Environmental Risk Assessment and Management: In accordance with Title III of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, BDE can assist with the identification of regulated chemicals and compliance with the “Accidental Release Prevention Provisions” outlined in 40 CFR 68. Through a comprehensive risk assessment, BDE can formulate an in-depth plan designed to identify the risk and minimize the consequences associated with an accidental release upon the public or environment.

Dispersion Modeling and Permitting: By utilizing Environmental Protection Agency guideline models, in conjunction with computer modeling formulas, BDE can analyze the simulated impact these findings would have on air quality control mandates for new, existing or expansion industrial projects. Dispersion Modeling is an essential element of the permitting process. BDE Dispersion Modeling and Permitting services include topics such as:

  1. Impact evaluations involving fuel switching, changing stack height-flow rates or stack temperature, and emission control methodology.
  2. Determination of new facility site locations.
  3. Selection of monitoring locations and the collection and correlation of monitoring data to modeling data for a comprehensive trend analysis.

Operating Permits: BDE staff of environmental engineer's, offer an unsurpassed level of expertise in regulatory and industrial issues associated with Title V and state permitting programs. BDE can assist its clients with the following:

  1. “Potential-to-emit” calculations associated with industry specific classifications.
  2. Compliance inspections.
  3. Implementation plans to increase operating flexibility.
  4. Evaluation of applicable environmental regulations and compliance determinations.
  5. Development of corrective compliance plans.
  6. Development of monitoring action plans.
  7. Prepare complete and accurate operational permit applications.
  8. Evaluate finalized operating permit and associated documentation.
  9. Tracking and records management.

Air Pollution Control and Management – Control Technology Determinations: BDE environmental engineers are experienced in the determination and application of industry specific technology associated with the following:

  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT).
  • Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT).
  • Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER). Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT).
  • Various control devise technology.
  • And technical and economical feasibility studies. BioDiverse Energies, LLC offers a wide range of environmental services, with the above stated capabilities representing a summary of available services.

Individualized Environmental Management Training Courses: These training courses are environmental specific curriculums designed to assist participants in their understanding of new and innovative environmental technologies and environmental related management techniques.

Project Management: BioDiverse Energies not only offers a full range of energy and environmental services, but also offers the capability to act on behalf of its clientele, as an overall managerial entity for any energy or environmental project. BDE staff has successfully managed design and construction projects, environmental engineering projects and public relations campaigns within the domestic and international arenas.