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Energy Services

Energy Management

BioDiverse Energies, LLC offers a wide range of energy-based services. A summary of services is listed below:

Strategic Energy Planning and Management – Corporate or Community-Based:
This service involves a comprehensive planning strategy that can be defined in scope to evaluate the energy consumption of a site specific facility, or broad-based in scope to evaluate a community’s current energy consumption, future growth requirements and development of a comprehensive energy strategy. Any or all of the items listed below, can be utilized in a comprehensive planning and management plan.

  • Plant_generatorsEnergy Consumption and Cost Evaluation
  • Building and Complex Energy Matrix Real-time Computer Models
  • Energy Conservation Measures Development and Implementation
  • Energy Acquisitioning and Distribution Management
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance evaluations.
  • New Construction and Energy Technologies Assessment
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis with Life Cycle Assessment
  • Renewable Energy and Self-Sustainability Techniques Profiles
  • Best Management Practices Assessments
  • Governmental liaisons
  • BDE technology implementation training

Third Party Energy Monitoring and Reporting: This service is an energy management system developed and operated by BioDiverse Energies, LLC. This program has the capability to remotely monitor the energy profile of the client's facility over time. Predictive measures and energy reduction measures will be assess and reported to the client.

Individualized Energy Management Training Courses: These training courses are energy specific curriculums designed to assist participants in their understanding of new and innovative energy technologies and energy related management techniques.

Power Plant Design and Construction Management:·Our staff is experienced in the design and construction of power generating facilities of all configurations. We frequently conduct specific projects involving the utilization of conventional fuel sources such as coal, diesel, natural gas, LP gas, etc. ·In addition, BDE is experienced in the application of alternative fuel sources such as geothermal, solar thermal, acetylene/ethanol, and waste-to-energy sources such as landfill and animal-human waste streams for electric power generation.

BDE staff and associates have applied their engineering expertise to the design and construction of electric power generating systems for office buildings, hospitals, prisons, and other commercial / industrial applications. BDE has the experience and engineering expertise to design and manage the identified energy requirements of each client.

Energy and Environmental Auditing: The focus of this service is the summary evaluation of client's current energy capabilities and associated environmental issues resultinginfrared image from the identified capabilities. Upon conclusion of this audit, energy and environmental reduction measures will be assess and reported to the client. On an as-needed-basis, the Energy and Environmental Auditing report will be accompanied by a solution-based, “Energy Implementation Plan “(EIP) or "Remediation Action Plan" (RAP).

Power Plant Upgrading and Retrofitting: Through the engineering capabilities of BDE, our staff and associates have the expertise to cost-effectively retrofit existing generating systems to utilize new generating technology, new gasification technology or alternative fuel sources for power generation. This level of expertise includes the ability to rebuild and refit out-dated engine and gasifier technology with updated technology for improved efficiency.

Modular Power Generation Systems: BDE has been engaged in the design and application of modular power generation systems. These designs are customized to meet the needs of the client for production of not only electrical power, but also thermal energy. The systems are small, self-contained, transportable to remote sites and easy to set-up and manage. These systems are needed in both local applications and emergency situations.

Technology Feasibility Assessments for Energy Conversion and Storage: This function is geared to the evaluation of current and upstart technology, and its cost-effective application within the power generation arena, the gasification/conversion arena, or the remediation arena. Upon the conclusion of this assessment, recommendations will be submitted to the client for the upgrade and implementation of existing technology or utilization of upstart technology to meet the overall energy needs of the client.