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SRADCO Three-Stage Gasifier

SRADCO Three-Stage Gasification Biomass-to-Acetylene Process

The SRADCO three-stage gasification process diagrammed below is a new process, which makes acetylene two ways. The first way shows that acetylene, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide gases are created in the second-stage gasifier. The additional process flow is shown as taking pyrolytic char and mixing in limestone in the third-stage gasifier to produce molten calcium carbide. The carbide is a storable solid fuel, which produces acetylene when contacted with water.

The benefits of the new three-stage gasification process are:

  1. Production of alcohols and charcoal in the first stage·
  2. Formation of calcium carbide in the third stage for storage and release
  3. Co-generation of acetylene to boost the thermal efficiency to 85 percent.
SRADCO Gasifier

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