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Distributed Power Generation

Distributed Power Generation (DG) Industry Profile

With the decentralization of the electric power industry and establishment of new renewable energy technologies, distributed generation is ready to emerge. The 1.8 percent annual increase in national electricity consumption and the aging transmission systems demonstrates that the electricity supply reliability is low. The nation's energy security is at risk. To illustrate the point, consider the June 2000 blackout: The 200 members of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group lost $100-million in a single day because of rolling blackouts, according to Thomas Wiesel Partners, a San Francisco-based merchant bank.

In response to this national concern, the 50.4 GW capacity DG industry is forecasted to expand to 354.5 GW by 2020. The market entry barriers that are to be overcome are technology prices, fuel supply and delivery issues, regulatory policies, and grid connection costs. The driving factors behind the DG growth are the nation's energy policy, energy security, environment protection, and sustainable localized economic growth.

With this in mind, it becomes even more essential that BioDiverse Energies, LLC maintains its commitment to the development of the SRADCO Three-Stage Gasification System.

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